Bahamas to host major Caribbean economic conference

(Jamaica Observer)

NASSAU, Bahamas, (CMC) — Prime Minister Perry Christie will deliver the feature address at the 19th Caribbean Multinational Business conference that gets underway here tomorrow.

“Conventional economic wisdom holds that when the US economy is on a fast track to buoyancy, the economies of America’s Caribbean neighbours can expect good times,” said Carl Masters, the chief executive officer of Goodworks International and co-convener of the four-day event

“The record-setting pace of investments on Wall Street and the uptick in business confidence across the country are strong indicators that the prospects of the US economy look better, much better than was previously thought.

“They are all good signs for the Caribbean and for executives of large and medium-size US firms and small business owners on the lookout for profitable business relationships in the archipelago of islands that comprise The Bahamas and the rest of the Caribbean,” he added.

The conference will have as its theme ‘The Caribbean – Waves of Opportunity, Oceans of success’ and will explore a broad range of trading and financing opportunities in the Caribbean and the US.

They range from investment financing; security and the law; corporate inversions; and creative industries to sustainable economic development; women of power and influence as well as corporate and public sector leadership.

“The conference provides invaluable connection for the Caribbean and the US,” said PJ Patterson, a former Jamaica prime minister who is also a co-convener of the conference.

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations, Andrew Young, who served two terms as Atlanta’s mayor, said in the past he has attended several sessions of the Caribbean Multinational business meetings in different countries of the region “and they have proven to be valuable sources of information that have propelled business ventures.

“I expect the Bahamas conference to follow in that tradition,” he added.

CHRISTIE… will deliver conference keynote address

PATTERSON… conference provides invaluable connection for the Caribbean and the US

YOUNG… the meetings have proven to be a valuable source of information that have propelled business ventures

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