Donna Marie Christian-Christensen is an American physician and politician. She served as the 4th elected non-voting Delegate from the United States Virgin Islands’s at-large district to the United States House of Representatives from 1997 until 2015.

She served nine terms in the U.S. congressional representative (non-voting) for the United States Virgin Islands. She took her responsibilities as a representative well beyond health care policy, and was firmly committed to improving quality-of-life by addressing those issues that influence the environment we live and survive or prosper in.

As chair of the Congressional Black Caucus’s (CBC) Health Braintrust since 1998, Congresswoman Christian-Christensen led the effort to oversee and advocated on minority health issues on the national and international level. She remains at the forefront of bringing minority health concerns to the attention of national policymakers.

She will be speaking at the WorkshopExposing Sustained Health Inequality, Anti Covid-19 Dilemma, Vaccines, Therapeutic & Tracing amidst suspicion & resistance among the most vulnerable